Eat to Nourish

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

What if I told you that you could let go of everything you thought you knew about dieting? Every year season after season there is a new wave of diets: Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, Paleo, Keto just to name a few and the list goes on and on. Like me, maybe you have been searching for the right nutritionist, coach or person to simply tell you what to eat in order to feel good.

After having my gall bladder removed 7 years ago I have been on a mission to find the right diet that could alleviate my stomach problems. I have had lots of trial and error and have picked up a personal philosophy along the way: Eat to Nourish. If food is medicine I just want to eat food that looks like food, not processed and void of nutrients substances. This personal philosophy lead me to Intuitive Eating and it changed everything that I thought I new about nutrition. Check out this quick video for a simple explanation.

The first surprising realization is you already possess the knowledge of what foods are right for you! The next revelation was how much emotion most of us have wrapped around food. Through conscious eating I realized how much guilt I had attached to consuming "bad foods". It is empowering to let go of this mindset and give yourself permission to eat anything you want to. Whoa! What you will discover is that by undoing the notion that certain foods are of limits you will begin to tune it what foods you really want and need for nourishment. It sounds like a recipe for weight gain and uncontrolled consumption but the opposite happens, when we are conscious of what are body wants and honor our hunger we begin to select quality food and are less controlled by emotional cravings.

The basic concepts of intuitive eating really resonated with me. Counting calories, tracking macro-nutrients, weighing and measuring are all tools many of us have utilized. They are common practice but yet they are external factors and fail to recognize what is happening inside of your body internally. Intuitive eating allows us to get back in touch with our bodies and recognize our hunger, which many of us are completely disconnected from. It is built around the concept that we intrinsically know what are bodies need. Intuitive eating allows us to eat in order to feel healthy instead of attainment of an ideal weight. It is a mindful approach that takes time and doesn't promise quick results but instead lasting changes. You can unlearn ideology and take on a simple and comprehensive approach to wellness.

There is a growing body of research on Intuitive Eating as a lifestyle practice. Check out the book "Intuitive Eating: A Practical Guide to Make Peace with Food, Free Yourself from Chronic Dieting, Reach Your Natural Weight" for an in depth exploration and step by step guide to Intuitive eating.

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