Gardening with Toddlers

When we first looked at our current home over a year ago I could see potential. At the time it was and old corral overgrown with weeds but it came to life for me. I had a vision stemming from the old cement slab. I could picture a little green house with raised beds, flowers and pumpkins. Thanks to the guidance of my handyman husband I got to see my dreams start to come to reality in the early spring. We built the the slanted roof green house from reclaimed local lumber. My mom helped me plant the trays of flowers and produce.

Throughout the warming days the green house swelled to life. The first tender sprouts soon became sturdy hardened plants. We tilled the soil and mapped out our garden. I have learned so much this first year. Tin walls reflect heat and it takes a hardy plant to withstand that temperature. Pumpkins take way more space than you would think. Zucchini doesn't climb like I thought it would. The list could go on for miles and I have so many ideas for next year. This will definitely include rows of more cut flowers!

It was a little stressful in the beginning trying to help my girls differentiate between plants and weeds. As the garden grew so did our confidence. I love to have them out with me while I am working. Muddy feet, sparkle in their eyes and imaginations running rampant. They love to help and work together to haul weeds to throw over the fence to our goats. They also play hide and seek now that rows have grown taller. This summer was hot and full of draught and grasshoppers. The garden provided a refuge, an oasis where things could still grow. They are delighted to see their corn, tomatoes, pumpkins and flowers growing. I am filled with gratitude to see their joy in the slow simple magic of a little dirt.

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