Yoga Is for "Every Body"

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I discovered yoga by a happy accident. As a runner I was struggling with injury when I decided to try yoga to help rehab my hips. I fell in love! Strengthening muscles, working to correct muscle imbalances and improving my flexibility allowed me to run more often. I also gained a sense of body awareness that carried over into my everyday life. I loved the peaceful feeling that carried over after each class. I began to incorporate yoga as a central piece of my fitness and well being routine.

Since becoming certified to teach yoga I have had the opportunity to teach to such a wide variety of students. I often hear "I am not flexible enough" or "I can't concentrate enough" as reasons that people can't practice yoga. Those are exactly the reason you should! You don't have to be perfect you just have to be willing to show up on the mat and meet yourself at your current level of ability.

I have taught yoga classes for everyone from toddlers to seniors. Classes have ranged from chair yoga, to yoga for strength, yoga for weight loss, Flow yoga and yoga for tots. I have seen every size, shape and age show up on the mat and have success. Yoga really is for everybody and every body!

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