Social and Emotional Learning for Families

What an unusual time we find ourselves in! The pandemic has definitely changed everyday life for many of us. As a mom, counselor and coach I find myself dealing with new stress everyday. Juggling child care, virtual everything, constant cancellations, covid and quarantine are certainly our new normal. Fortunately you can find a silver lining in most situations. In an attempt to reach students and families virtually I am sharing some of the social and emotional lessons that we do in classroom counseling on youtube!

I am excited for the opportunity to share what I believe to be some of the most important life skills- social and emotional intelligence. My mission is to help students become great students, friends and humans! Our first unit this year is about having respect and empathy as well as learning to use mindfulness and yoga in order to understand and process feelings. In a world that is polarized and political I believe that we can all benefit from being reminded of the importance of respect and empathy- especially for those of us that hold different beliefs. My intention is to create and share FREE resources for the whole family during this time.

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