Tarot for Personal Growth

Updated: Jan 25

When I first discovered tarot cards there was a type of mystery the readings were shrouded by- scenes from movies with mystic fortunetellers created my assumptions. I was fascinated and intrigued but I didn't consider the cards as anything legitimate. When I got a little older I would come across the cards in passing from family or friends. My lack of knowledge led me to view tarot as a crutch. It seemed that people turned to the cards or a reader to make personal decisions or make sense of a situation in their life for them. I let my naïve perception and the stigma around tarot keep me from using the cards for quite some time.

However, at some point along my path and training as a counselor I began to recognize the merit of tarot particularly as it became more mainstream. Then I started to notice that though counseling and tarot are on the surface very different paradigms, they have many similarities. The clients I have often worked with are looking for meaning and purpose and they are willing to do the internal work to change themselves and their lives. As a counselor my role is to help guide clients to discover their own truth and work out their own answers. We posses an inherent knowledge of ourselves and often just need a nudge to help find subconscious answers. Many people turn to tarot in much the same way- in search of meaning and purpose. Tarot provides multiple experiences to gain awareness. First you consider your own reactions to a spread or particular card. Next by either working with a guide or a book we decide the implications of the cards based on the questions asked. Finally there is often reflection or introspection (I often journal) over the general overview. Personal growth occurs throughout the process of considering, interpreting and making meaning of the cards. I have come to find it is less about the outcome and more about the experience of doing the inner work.

Any one that is willing to take the time and ask the right questions and consider how the cards pertain to their own circumstances is capable of using tarot for person growth. The tarot deck has a rich lineage of history and symbols within them and the opportunity for creative expression is limitless. It is exciting to see tarot cards becoming more main stream with the opportunity for more people to use them for healing and growth.

How to get Started!

  1. Check out these articles, sites and book:


biddytarot.com (and maybe give them a follow on Instagram)

This book is my favorite: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1578636655/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

2. Get yourself a deck.

You can go for the traditional deck which is always a good place to start OR do a simple amazon search for a deck that has images you are drawn to.

3. Grab a journal in get to work!

Your deck will contain sample spreads or Pinterest has an abundance of sample spreads. Set some time for self care aside and practice. The more you practice the keener your intuition will become.


  • Fortune Telling/ Sorcery

  • An alternate religion

  • Someone or Something making decisions for you

  • Passive

  • Set in Stone


  • A tool for self discovery and personal growth

  • a tradition with a deep history and multiple interpretations

  • a method of helping each individual discover their own answers

  • an active collaboration

  • fluid and ever evolving

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