Unconditional Self Love

Updated: Jan 13

I am fan of fitness goals: training for a race, building strength in order to be able to preform unassisted pull-ups or structuring a yoga practice in order to reach scorpion pose. I haven't always had these type of fitness goals. Like many of us do I used to workout in order to get leaner, fit into my skinny jeans or reach a certain weight. Maybe it is just part of growing older or perhaps it is part of my personal evolution.

Now I prefer to set my sights on what my body can do instead of the aesthetic of how it looks. I think in the wellness industry there is a move towards exercise as self love and not as punishment and I am eager to jump on the bandwagon. "Fit" can look so many different ways.

As a mother I want to create the footprint of appreciation for our bodies and their enormous ability. I want my daughters to know that the food we eat and the way we exercise can be a way to nourish our bodies, minds and souls. That it is normal for bodies to fluctuate and attainment of a static number or size isn't realistic. We age, our interests and activities change and some of us may even have the chance to carry children. Our bodies change and adapt daily to accommodate all that we do throughout every phase of our life.

There is still a place for discipline, but in moderation. I think following a plan to strength train is great. However the motivation behind the training has shifted for me. Toning my muscles through lifting weights allows me to pursue my passion for outdoor adventures. Having strength allows me to carry my daughters and engage in meaningful play with them. Practicing yoga doesn't just allow me to create flexibility and prevent injury but it gives me the foundation to have the patience and presence to navigate peacefully through the day.

Movement helps me feel my best and the intent behind my exercise is that of appreciation and self love


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